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CAV 3-1
Servo Valve Module
being tested

Intended for independent control
of 2 Servo Valves - 2 Directional Valves
(2 solenoids each) with or without electrical position feedback

compatible with valves: Bosch, Rexroth, Hoerbigger and similar

- Input: Analog -10 to + 10 Vdc
- Output: double 24 Vdc pulse on the channel up to 2A
- Calibration: precision potentiometer. The display will show zero position.
- Protection: against short-circuit, current limitation, temperature monitoring.
- Control method: double digital (pulse-controlled mass).
- Feedback: reading position of the valve (activated by jumper) or valve current measurement (selected by jumper).
- Installation: DIN rail
- The type of housing: open
- Power supply: + 24Vdc
- Display: 2x 7seg shows the input voltage (-9.9 to 9.9 Vdc) + 2x 7seg shows the opening of the valves (-99% to + 99%).
- Cooling: none (not required).
- Has not yet produced.
- The number of channels: 1
- Compatible valves: Bosh, Rexroth, Hoerbrigger and the like (suitable for valves with feedback and without).
- Differential input: YES
- RS-485 connection: YES

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