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How it begun

When Poland was under communism ther lived Jacek Karpinski.

Jacek Karpiński w Tatrach

The young engineer was full of enthusiasm for work and had many interesting ideas. (Some constructions are exposed in Museum of Technics and Industry in Warsaw.)
One day he began to wonder: "Why do computers take up so much space?".
  Since then, the hard work and the desire to explore the world meant that he had created something that for most people was impossible.
Based on a computer that occupies an entire room, with the help of a team whose backbone were:

Ela Jezierska, Andrzej Ziemkiewicz, Zbysław Szwaj, Teresa Pajkowska, Krzysztof Jaroslawski - invented a computer that fits on a desk.

Visual and mechanical part of job took up his friend - Zbysław Szwaj.

Zbysław Szwaj (Ÿródło - www.leopardautomobile.com)

Jacek Karpinski took up electronic and informatics part of the computer.

Unfortunately, the authorities in times of communist Poland were aware that at a time when Jacek will publish his work, too many people can be exposed to losing their jobs, because his invention was "too good, too cheap and too fast".

Jacek Karpiński przy komputerze KAR-65, rok 1968

Jacek Karpinski
at the computer KAR-65.

1968 year.

One day, people with rifles, referring to the contemporary authority led a young engineer from the workplace and forbade him to deal with the field of electronics under the threat of death.
For this reason he went to Switzerland, where he cooperated with another outstanding Pole Stefan Kudelski, the creator of professional NAGRA recorders used by reporters in the studios of radio, television and film throughout the world.
There was born Adam, Sylwa and me - Daniel - the current owner of the EPC.

As soon as he could Jacek Karpinski returned to his homeland in order to be albe in the last years of his life to contribute to fame of Poland on the world market in the field of electronics. He founded a company called JK Electronics.

In the first years of life he taught me how to walk and how to speak in Polish language.
Since I was 12 I learned to programming, then I started to create my own computer systems.

For many years, my Father aroused in me Polish patriot and why I came to Polandto achieve what unfortunately did not achieve my Father

He gave me his knowledge and a lot of valuable information which I use to this day.

I have set the bar high and I achieve the goals that for most people are impossible to reach.

Jacek Karpinski has always sought to ensure, that Poland became famous with modern electronics and new technologies, not just with crops of potatoes or breeding pigs.

EPC company is the continuation of his work.

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