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After work

Mr. Customer,

your preferred style is

freestyle ...

... or classic?


any smart comments?

yes sir, it's definitively broken

and only we can fix it



... time to escape

we never give up C

zero emission scooter

that's really funny!

this is what we call a digital lock

electrician's kid

for an elegant event

analog player

do not lose your head at work

1 B (1 byte) memory
from 1st computer

hard disk from 1956 year
capacity 5 MB

elektronic bike

and the electronic toilet
(supposedly Japanese)

I'm not sure it was a graphene...

Polish piggybank...

high iron content meal

and now you know what is
a robot used for at work

nanotechnology in army

Just a dream... dreamliner...

Elektronic barbecue

On request, we supply special-purpose controllers

This is the real "Mortal kombat"

Spies stole our most important secret -
scheme of the EPC controller motherboard

Perfect for the prom of
electronic engineers

Ecological bomb

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