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Repair service of CNC machines

Next to the production of control systems a second activity of our company is to repair and service of CNC machines. In our work we focus primarily on efficiency, it means: as soon as possible to restore machinery for the production as well as adaptation of our control systems to the individual requirements of each customer.

We also care about the most favorable prices
for our service, therefore our services have become very popular among a growing number of customers.
The biggest advantage of EPC's are extensive experience
of the service team and knowledge of controllers "from the inside".
This makes engineers working in our company are able to remove any failure of the control system.

Range of ourservices:

  • repairing and servicing of CNC machines
  • resuscitating of machines that stand for years, because no one knows how to fix it
  • detailed inspections, diagnostics
  • installation and implementation of CNC machines
  • upgrades of numerically controlled equipment
  • service agreements.

We repair press brakes, punch hammers, metal shet sheer, etc. of all types and all manufacturers.

... and especially these, which other teams are not able to fix, but to know it for sure we recommend to wait a year, two, no more than three
If definitely no one can do, then please contact us or simply place your order.

We will repair your machine or you pay nothing!

In addition, we offer a discount on controller replacement.

Examples of the types of machines and machine tools, to which fits our controller.

  • press brake (bending machine)
  • punching hammer
  • stamp
  • Turret punching machine
  • guillotine
  • metal sheet sheers
  • CNC Router (plasma, milling machine, drill, laser)
  • CNC computer-controlled drill
  • CNC numerically controlled milling machine
  • Multi-axis precision milling machine
  • CNC lathe
  • XYZ table with CNC Software
  • computer-controlled production lines
  • borer
  • machining center
  • plasma cutting
  • laser cutting
  • Dividing for a CNC machine with its own software
  • Special multi-spindle machine
  • machine for the production of springs
  • automatic production
  • Industrial palletizing robot
  • manipulator controlled by a computer or PLC
  • unusual CNC equipment

..... and any other where it is controlled the movement and position

Some manufacturers of machines and machine tools, to which our controller fits.

  • Amada
  • Axial
  • Baykal
  • Beyeler
  • Bistronic
  • Boschert
  • Colgar
  • Dener
  • Durma
  • EHT
  • Ermaksan
  • Gasparini
  • Haco
  • Hamerle
  • Kimla
  • LVD
  • Mengele
  • Trumpf
  • Weinbrenner
  • Edwards Pearson
  • .....and others...

The more well-known manufacturers of controllers that can be replaced by our "EPC" controller:

  • Beckhoff
  • ELGO
  • LVD
  • Fanuc
  • LNC
  • Siemens (Sinumerik)
  • Trumpf (Trumagraph)

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