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Controllers for CNC machines - press brake

ess brake (pressbrake)

One of the most popular metal sheet machines are hydraulic press brakes, or bending press. These devices are used for precise bending of metal sheet, often to complicated shapes. In this way are obtained machine parts, components, housings etc.
Currently, press brakes are equipped with modern numerical control systems that enable high accuracy and repeatability performed bends, which allows both large-scaleand unit production.
When using these machines bending is quick and does not require much effort at all.

For large productions, as the operator, can work specially programmed robot.

robot Yaskawa

In addition to accuracy of performance press brakes are characterized by very high strength of pressure (up to several hundred tonnes).
If there is required bending of very long elements, two machines may be connected as a tandem. Then the two machines work as a single unit.

small, single-piston press brake Mengele
during the replacement to "EPC" controller


two-cylinder pressbrake "EHT" with the new
controller and new PLC of our company

obsolete PLC "Siemens" being replaced to modern "EPC"

The combination of high mechanical parameters using modern technology gives excellent results at every stage of production, from programming and ending with the bending process.

A very important element of each press brake is properly chosen control system, so that the machine can operate automatically, without the need for constant supervision of realized processes.

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